After School Youth/Teen Sewing Classes

When I was a child, I was lucky enough to have a Mum who was a sewer and a Nan who fully embraced my obsession with creativity. Both of them gave me the gift of sewing and crochet and by the time I hit Year 6 I was a fully fledged wannabe entrepreneur selling crocheted bookworms to my class mates & making my own clothes. THEN high school hit & Home Ec was a big deal for me; I loved that subject and to be honest, that and art were the only ones I excelled at. I had awesome teachers and to this day my Home Ec teacher is my mentor and one of my dearest friends. 

I honestly cannot wait to give the same gift to your child/teen. Stir&Stitch classes will be both informative and fun and will develop the skills and love for sewing that I have. It has become a bit of a lost art and I really hope I can help fill that gap in our little town.

So what will be on offer?

+ 4-week courses where your child will learn how to use a sewing machine & do basic hand stitching. 

+ One-off classes where they will further develop their skills to be able to make anything they put their mind too. 

Why should they learn how to sew?

+ They will get to explore their creativity in a different way leading to huge feelings of pride and accomplishment.  

+ Fast fashion has become a massive problem and learning how to sew and mend our clothing or furnishings is the way for our sustainable future.

+ It is a perfect hobby to take anywhere. All you need is a bit of fabric, a needle and thread! It is especially inexpensive if you are sewing with old clothing and linen. 

+ Sewing develops maths skills (I will be honest, I am still a little dodgy on this and wing it A LOT, not that there is anything wrong with that! See next point!).

+ Sewing develops critical thinking and problem solving skills and fine motor skills too.

+ Receiving a handmade gift is honestly one of the best and most meaningful things EVER! 

+ Don't forget boys should learn how to sew too, I always think it is the coolest thing when I meet a guy who is handy with a needle and thread!

So if you think this is something that your child/teen might enjoy just click here and I'll see them in class.

Amanda x