What are your opening hours?

Our usual teahouse hours are 9am to 2pm Wednesday to Friday & Saturdays 9am to Midday.  Please check our social media for up to date daily information (For example if it is torrential rain we are unable to open).

If the gate is open please feel free to come in & say hi! We would love to meet you!

If you send us a message or enquiry & we don't get back to you straight away, please don't take offence, it is usually because I am teaching, or if it is at night I'm usually spending time with my family or catching some sleep.  I promise to get back to you asap!

 Am I able to make a private booking for a class with a group of friends?

Most definitely! There is nothing better than getting together with a group of friends or family to celebrate a birthday, engagement, hens or bucks, baby shower, work party or any occasion for that matter!

If you have a date in mind, contact us sooner rather than later so you are not disappointed.

 What workshops can we do if we make a private booking for a class?

Cook & Dine classes are heaps of fun, for both guys & girls.  Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Indian & Asian are all great choices.  These can be run on a Friday or Saturday night, & Saturday or Sunday lunch (subject to availability). 

Hand-stitched journal workshops are a gorgeous way to spend a morning or afternoon in our garden under the tree, or in the sewing studio.  We particularly love these. Watching the creativity flow with a group of friends is truly beautiful. Write each other a cute message in your completed journals!

What are your minimum or maximum numbers?

In the kitchen there is a minimum number of 6 to run a class & a maximum of 11. 

Sewing classes I have a minimum of 4 & maximum of 12.

Can I BYO alcohol?

Yes, you can bring your own drinks. We have wine, champagne and tumblers for you to use. We also have a drinks fridge in our teahouse or an indoor coolroom. Please consume in a responsible manner.

Are children allowed to come along to the adult workshops?

Because this is a space of creativity & peace please take this opportunity to use this as time out from your regular life & be respectful to other participants who need some child free time; this means leaving the kids/babies at home. Find that babysitter & come along for some important YOU time.  

Am I allowed to attend my child's cooking or sewing lesson?

Due to the size of the teaching kitchen & sewing studio, parents are unable to attend classes with their child, however you may book one of the spaces with your child and cook or sew alongside them; learning with each other!

If you prefer to stay onsite you may take the opportunity to relax in our beautiful outside space if it is not being used for other classes at the time OR please know they are in really good hands & take some time out for yourself. Please do not enter the kitchen or sewing room if the class is still in progress. 

Do you cater for different dietary requirements?

Please note that our kitchen uses all ingredients & we do not have a dedicated space used only for GF/DF/nut free/soy free etc, so we cannot guarantee any traces of these things.

We want to make sure everyone is safe so it is important that we have at least 7 days’ notice to plan & attempt to make adjustments if you or your child are allergic to something.  Please note, some classes are not possible to make adjustments. 

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. However, we are unable to offer private lessons on weekends as they are usually booked up with group bookings.

The hourly rate is $65 per person or $ 95 per hour if you would like to come along with a friend.  

The cost of ingredients for a cooking class is extra (We will be able to give you a price once we work out what you would like to learn or we can give you a shopping list to bring your own ingredients).  Recipes will be emailed to you. 

And for sewing we will be able to give you a list of materials required (all sewing equipment such as machines (you can bring your own if you prefer) scissors, cottons, pins/needles etc are supplied. 

Do you hire the space for private events?

We sure do.  Please contact us for more information. 


If we have not answered your question please do not hesitate to contact us.